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It’s never easy deciding whether or not it’s time to install a new roof or undergo serious repairs, but it’s recommended that homeowners consider the significance of the roof above their heads. Not only does a high-quality roof enhance the energy efficiency of a home, but it also provides a tremendous amount of protection for you and your family. Below, are two reasons why you should pursue the services of a reputable roofing company, like Romano Roofing, to guarantee the safeguard of your house’s entire structure.

Energy Efficiency

Through the installation of a new roof, you’ll most likely begin to see that your home’s energy efficiency has significantly increased. High-quality roofs are known to help homeowners chip away at the overall cost of their monthly consumption bill. When high-quality roofing materials are used and the installation process is thoroughly completed, the temperature of your home will become easy to control and less expensive to regulate. A new roof over your head might be a large investment, but the energy efficiency that it provides is just one of the many reasons to ask expert roofers—such as Romano Roofing—to perform exceptional installation or repair services.

The importance of a great roof is reflected by the scientific fact that hot air rises and cold air sinks. This means that if you have a poorly installed or damaged roof, a notable percentage of the hot air that you’re paying for to keep your house warm throughout the cold months is most likely escaping. When the hot air used to keep your home warm is rising upward and out through your roof, your home ends up having to use more energy to replace the hot air that has departed. Similarly—in the summer, a high-quality roof contributes to decreasing the amount of hot air that attempts to infiltrate your structure.


Never underestimate the importance of having a high-quality roof above the structure of your home. An exceptionally installed roof will provide your home with the most accommodating protection against the elements. A damaged roof might put you and your family at risk of experiencing frustrating complications with storms throughout both the cold and warm seasons. While major leaks will cause significant damage to your ceiling and possibly your dry wall, minor leaks could—unbeknownst to you—cause gradual warping and rotting to the structure covering your home.

Premier roofing companies—such as Romano Roofing—recommend that homeowners hemorrhage the bleeding before more serious damages occur. Whether the experts suggest that repairs are completed or an entire installation of a new roof is performed, you should make certain that any imperfections or damages with your roof are addressed immediately. Not only can leaky roofs cause terrible rotting within your home, they can also contribute to mold growth, which can bring about serious health risks for you and your family.

Contact a reputable roofing company, like Romano Roofing, to move forward with roofing repairs or the installation of a new roof. Don’t ever underestimate the impact that your roof has on your house’s general energy consumption, or the safeguard that it provides you and your family. If your roof is currently damaged, make the intelligent decision of contacting a roofing expert to stop any problems before they get worse.

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