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If you’re the owner of a commercial facility, it’s crucial to understand what to look for when you’re trying to figure out the current condition of your roof. Failing to recognize problems or procrastinating about necessary repairs might cause minor issues to manifest quickly into costly complications. Unless you have previous roofing experience, small yet critical issues might not be noticeable from the ground. Fortunately, you can dodge expensive repairs and replacements, and ensure the longevity of your commercial roof by learning about what to keep an eye out for. Below, are four roofing related issues that you should undoubtedly address before your roof, as well as your wallet, begins to leak:

1. Ponding

One of the main purposes of your roof is to keep moisture from entering into your facility. It’s important to contact experts, such as Romano Roofing, if large puddles or collections of water have been accumulating on your structure. These ponds will speed up the aging process and lead to serious corrosion. With steel roofs, the ponds will bring about rust, while wooden roofs will begin to rot. Additionally, the water weight can be demanding and negatively impact the condition of the deck.

2. Bubbles

These elevated sections of your roof can be difficult to see form the ground. While it’s a telltale sign of moisture existing underneath the roof’s cover, bubbles can cause the structure to become more vulnerable to wind damage.

3. Damaged Roof Flashing

The waterproof materials used to form the joints of the roof are referred to as “flashing.” When this essential part of a roof is damaged, water can easily seep inside. An incorrect installation, severe weather conditions or related causes can lead to these damages.

4. Tears in The Roof Cover

Similar to bubbles, these can be tough to spot from the ground. Tears or cracks can take place almost anywhere on the roof and can be the result of intense weather conditions that involve hail and strong winds. Just like flashing, tears can allow water to slowly leak into the structure and cause potentially devastating damages.

Looking out for these signs will surely help you to determine whether or not a discreet leak is slowly turning a problem drenched in horror. If you notice any of the mentioned signs, act quickly to stop the bleeding before simple maintenance manifests into far greater complications, requiring expensive repairs and replacements. Never risk the health and wellbeing of your workers and visitors or the condition of your business’ assets. Stop any and all leaks before much of your money flows toward repairs or an entire overhaul.

Contact dependable contractors today, like Romano Roofing, to perform maintenance and help you move forward with putting an end to any and all leaks or eliminating the possibility of them occurring.

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