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The roof above your home is used to protect the entire structure from serious damage. When a roof is not properly installed or has exceeded its life expectancy, homeowners will eventually experience devastating complications that will only become worse. By recognizing the signs of a damaged roof, homeowners will stop the bleeding and save themselves a tremendous amount of frustration in the future. Below are eight signs of a damaged roof:

Roofing experts generally say that a roof will hold up between twenty and twenty-five years. The lifespan of a roof that has been built on top of a previously damaged layer will be much less than that of a roof that had been completely removed and replaced.

Curling & Buckling
Curled or buckling shingles indicate that you need to install a new roof. By looking at the slopes of your home that receive direct sunlight, you will see whether or not the grains and particles are falling away from the shingles, which shows that the roof is in poor condition.


Shingle-related imperfections in these particular areas of your roof demonstrate that your roof is not substantial. Roof leaks will inevitably occur in homes that have imperfections near the valleys, since it is where rain and snow pass over to enter the gutters.

Absence of Shingles

The absence of shingles anywhere on your roof might be an indication that you need to have a new one installed. Checking a number of shingles to see if the tabs are still connected to the roof will determine whether or not there is larger complication at hand.

Chimney Flashing

By inspecting where the roof surrounds the chimney, you’ll be able to see if the flashing consists of cement or tar. The base of the chimney should have a metal flashing system that serves as a long-lasting, water-tight seal. The absence of a metal flashing system might suggest that your roof has received significant damage already.

Inspection of Gutters

Taking a look in your gutters and checking to see if there is any debris from your shingles will help you to determine whether or not particles or larger pieces of shingles are becoming detached from the structure.

External Evaluation

A careful physical inspection of your roof will most accurately determine the condition of your structure. Choosing to safely step on your roof will help to show whether or not the structure has been negatively impacted by moisture. If your roof feels bouncy and has a give to it when you safely walk on top of it, then it’s time to pursue the services of a roofing expert such as the professionals as Romano Roofing

Internal Evaluation

Light shining through the attic or water damage to the insulation demonstrates that your roof is obviously not providing the correct level of protection for your home. If there are areas of your roof where water has gained access, then it’s imperative to consult a roofing professional.

By taking the time to evaluate and inspect your roof, you will be able to determine whether or not your home is due for a new level of protection. When a roof loses its protective integrity, an endless amount of other assets are at stake. Your roof is the most protective aspect of your home and should not be ignored or taken for granted. Roofing experts like Romano Roofing are more than happy to visit your home and provide you with an inspection and accurate diagnosis of the condition of your roof.
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