How to Tell if Your Skylight Needs to Be Replaced

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Do you wonder when you should replace your skylights? Maybe you live in an older home with original skylights that are not energy efficient. If you are not sure about skylight replacement, consider the most common signs your skylights may be due for replacement.

How Old Are Your Skylights?

On average, skylights have a lifespan of around ten years. That means if your home is at least ten years old and the skylights are original to the structure, it is time to think about skylight replacement.

Have Your Skylights Become Yellow or Discolored?

One of the reasons for having skylights is to bathe a living space in natural light. However, skylights are a lot like headlights — as they age, they develop a yellowish hue that makes it difficult for light to pass through. Discolored skylights detract from the look of a room, and if the homeowner puts the house on the market, potential buyers might see the skylights as an immediate home improvement project. Replacing discolored skylights with new high-quality units can increase energy efficiency and increase the value of your home.

Do You See Condensation on Your Skylights?

Condensation on skylights can happen when warm moist air from the home’s interior rises and comes in contact with cold skylights. You might notice condensation during the winter months. A professional should check the skylight because there may be problems with the skylight’s sealant. In addition, persistent condensation leads to other issues such as deterioration of the wood roof structures around the skylight.

Do Your Skylights Have Cracks?

Do not ignore cracks in your skylights. A tiny breach can allow a significant amount of moisture to pass through the skylight. Over time, cracks grow larger, letting in more water. In addition to skylight replacement, you will pay more for other structural and cosmetic repairs. No matter how small, a crack is a sign that a skylight needs to be assessed or replaced by a professional.

Are You Ready to Replace Your Roof?

When you replace your roof, consider skylight replacement. Installing a new roof around old skylights can disturb the integrity of the skylights. Replacing your skylights with the roof can ensure that your skylights and roof fit well together, which can reduce issues like leaking.

What Skylight Options Are Available?

The type of skylights you select depends on why you want them installed. Skylight designs include flat roof skylights, vented skylights, and solar-powered skylights. When the purpose of your skylight is to increase the natural light in your living space, fixed skylights that do not open will be sufficient. Alternatively, if you prefer skylights that you can open to allow fresh air flow, vented skylights are available.

Vented skylights open manually or remotely for fresh air circulation. A solar-powered vented skylight features a solar panel that uses the sun’s energy to operate the unit’s battery. Skylights with UV coatings increase energy efficiency and can prevent carpet and furniture from fading. Installing a skylight on a south-facing roof can provide passive solar heat during the winter. The laminated glass used for skylights prevents them from shattering into pieces.

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