Shingle Repairs

Living in or near Bucks County, PA and in need of shingle repairs? Romano Roofing has you covered. We understand the importance of sturdy shingles and how integral they are in protecting your roof.
We can fix and replace missing or worn shingles of various different materials such as asphalt and slate. Over time, old or neglected shingles become unappealing to view and aren’t as effective in guarding your home. They also fall victim to decay, putting the structure of your home at risk for weather damage. High winds and bad storms can break old shingles apart, allowing rain or melting snow to form leaks and ruin your roof. Ignoring this can lead to costly repairs—in some cases, a full roof replacement.
Asphalt shingles, for example, are very common and act as a waterproofing agent. However, they can have problems such as blistering, curling, raising, premature cracking, splitting, tearing and granule loss. Whether they are of the strip, dimensional or premium variety, you can extend their life by addressing these issues quickly. Romano Roofing offers expert asphalt shingle repairs and installation that will not only remedy existing issues but prevent future ones from occurring (with proper maintenance).

We are also there for whenever disaster strikes with our 24/7 emergency service for Bucks County, PA homeowners. We know that these problems seem to happen when they’re the least convenient, but our emergency repairs are designed to be conveniently available whenever you need them. We will address all of your concerns and ensure that you are satisfied with our work. Plus, our emergency roof repairs in Warminster, PA  or elsewhere are always followed up by a thorough cleanup. Our respectful and dependable team of seasoned roofing technicians go the extra mile by performing extensive inspections and coming up with maintenance plans for your PA property.
For shingle repairs or rubber roof repairs in Philadelphia, make the right decision and choose Romano Roofing. Satisfied clients in PA have left numerous rave reviews on our website. Call our office by dialing 215-633-0303 to request more information or to schedule a free estimate.